About us


Smell amazing with Farhan Perfumes – your trusted online store.

We at “Farhan Perfumes” offer a wide variety of Fine Fragrances and Oriental Fragrances (Attars) . Here at Farhan Perfumes we create our own perfume which are exactly 100% clone of the world class brands.

We also have a variety of our own blends for our respected customers.

We strive towards converting Fragrances/Attars to necessity and spread the beautiful world of fragrances, all around.

Creating unique scents is not a hobby for us, it is a passion, a part of us that we reinvent and rejuvenate to meet the needs of the present, shrouded in the offerings of the past. Our Fragrances have remained in our family for 4 generations and are our legacy to the whole of Bangladesh and also to the whole world.

A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself a custume that differs according. We believe in providing customer experience which is beyond expectations and that is something which reflects very clearly from our customer testimonials.